My name is Daryl Thompson. ‘Remove the Roof’ is the name of this website as well as the name of my ministry. As a non-denominational minister I am passionate about helping others to walk in what God has destined for them. I do this by guiding them to the life-changing words of God and helping them to receive His healing touch.

I have several years of experience in the areas of healing and deliverance ministry, and have helped hundreds of people to find freedom from the enemy’s mental and physical torment. Depending on the needs of the individual, I either perform this kind of ministry in groups (church services, etc.) or with the individual in a more private environment. The aim is to see a person set free to fulfil the calling of God on their life.

Having been in Christian education for many years, teaching thousands of Christians how to live the life that Jesus Christ has created us for, it has become very apparent that the vast majority of Christians do not have the knowledge that they need to fulfil the mandate that Jesus Christ gave His Church. This website exists to help change that.

“Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done on earth
as it is in heaven. ”

Jesus instructed us to pray that God's will would be done on Earth, not because it was already being done, but because God's will isn't being done on Earth. Jesus then taught His disciples that as they supernaturally met the needs of the people whom they ministered to with the help of the Holy Spirit, that God's kingdom would be established in those peoples' lives (Luke 10:8 - 11). This shows us that the Church is God's main means through which His kingdom is brought to Earth, which means that we have a job to do.

God's kingdom will not come to Earth if we, as the Church:
1. Are unaware of what Jesus Christ has made available for us through His work on the cross, so that we can not only identify with Him, but also function like Him.
2. Do not know what faith is and how to develop our faith so that we can access what Jesus has made available for us.
3. Do not understand Whom the Holy Spirit is, how he functions and how to cooperate with Him to fulfil the commission Christ gave Church.
4. Do not understand whom Satan is, how he functions and how to defeat him. Our ignorance of his tactics leaves us vulnerable to them and ineffective in freeing the world from his influence.
5. Do not know how to lead the lost to Christ and so we, as light and salt, make little-to-no impact on the environments God has assigned us to.
6. Do not understand who we are as the Church and what our purpose on Earth is.
There are many resources available across the world that help Christians to grow in these areas, but the situation is urgent. There is a great need for more resources and that is why this website exists.

At no financial cost to you, we provide high quality resources through this website that not only suit your lifestyle, but effectively equip and inspire you to take steps into your God-ordained future. We are highly dedicated to seeing you become whom God has created you to be!

There is a desperate need for the Church to understand God’s kingdom, how to operate in God’s kingdom and how to establish God’s kingdom.

Why “Remove the Roof”?

And when they could not get near him because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him... Mark 2:4

The Bible tells us about a group of men trying to get into a house where Jesus was so that He would heal their friend. Because of how full the house was, these men resorted to removing the roof of the house to access what Jesus had for their friend.

Your life has so much potential. We want to help you to REMOVE THE ROOF over you so that you can be all that God intends you to be, firstly, as His child, and secondly, as His ambassador to this world!

We hope that you are blessed by the our website and ministry!

Daryl Thompson and the Remove the Roof Team